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Got to her place and did what needed to be done first. I brought a jug of wine so we had a glass while we discussed, as far as possible, and security. Concerning limits, I would have been secured so they were essentially foreordained. Simply be conscious and you will be compensated. At that point I went for a speedy shower and when I turned out, there she was in all her magnificence. Stunning! She requesting that I bow down before her while she put a neckline around my neck. I could have stayed there throughout the night. What a perspective. At that point it was on the table where I was blindfolded and strapped down. I had requested an interest sampler since this was my first time playing in this space, and she guaranteed me that we were going to discover my points of confinement. At first it was a blend of a decent back rub with breaks of new sensations. Smacks with hands, paddles, something made out of bike tires, and areola braces.
At last came time for the completion. I was discharged from my limitations and permitted to deferentially touch as she gave me my prize for being a "decent kid". My most loved minute was the point at which she got on the table with me in a 69 (YMMV) position and worked me with her hands. No touching her privates (one of the breaking points) yet sufficiently close to make me insane. It took all that I needed to keep down and not exploit that circumstance, but rather I was a "decent kid". That experience at long last took me over the edge.
by Daryl, from Croydon | Written on 2016-08-15